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Mikael Sawing grew up with Pub Lokus and has great memories from the time when Monaco Blues Band, Rydell & Ouick, JJ da Silva, Pugh Rogefeldt and many other artists and bands performed here.

But the history of the building goes even further back in time. It was built at the end of the 19th century as a saltery until it became a railway hotel, probably when the railway opened around 1913. Local journalist Terje Fredh tells us that the former prime minister (1932-1946) Per Ahlbin Hansson has stayed at the hotel.

“Another funny story is that the infamous thieves “Handsome Bengtsson” and “Tattooed Johansson” stayed at the hotel during their 1930s crime spree,” says Mikael.

Mikael looked at the premises the first time the building was for sale in recent times, but there was no deal. But a seed had been sown and when he got a new chance in November 2015, he purchased it with de facto wife and business partner Yvonne Hermansson.

While the rooms have been renovated in classic Scandinavian style with freshly tiled and modern bathrooms, it was obvious to Mikael and Yvonne that the pub had to be refurbished in a traditional style, strongly linked to its history as a railway hotel and pub.

The booths, reminiscent of old railway wagons, were built by Mikael, who got some help with the fabric and upholstery. Details like the industrial-design cast-iron lamps and vintage chairs complete the impression.

The beautifully carved wooden bar is completely preserved, but is now emphasised by modern lighting.

The pub is not open to the public on a full-time basis, but the guests’ breakfast is served here and its occasional theme nights have become a popular feature in Lysekil’s entertainment calendar. There is now seating for 70 people in the pub, which can also be hired for private events.

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